Cantine Brusa

Cantine Brusa was founded in 1888 among the hills of Toscanella di Dozza. Since 1975 the company has been owned by the Scalambra family who have gradually moved production from bottled to bulk wines. Around 14 years ago the production of grape juices and concentrated grape juices was introduced, serving the food industry as well as the wine industry.

Thanks to progressive investment, first of all in people as well as in research and new installations, Cantine Brusa continues to be a leader in the field in terms of technology and environmental sustainability, whilst remaining faithful to the traditions of production in the local area.

The company’s substantial storage facilities, with a capacity of approximately 50 million litres, mean that our products are always available throughout the season and, also thanks to our 24h continuous processing cycle, mean that we are able to provide a diversified product range at any given moment.

Far-sightedness, innovation and the continued promotion of Italian traditions have led Cantine Brusa to become one of the most important producers of grape products in the world.









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Musts and juices
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